Heel pain 101: 10 steps to tackle your heel pain

Heel pain 101: 10 steps to tackle your heel pain

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This online course designed and presented by Podiatrist Gordon Williams, is a step by step programme to help you get back to pain-free standing, walking and running if you suffer from heel pain.

It consists of 10 video classes that are designed to be done over ten consecutive days but gives you the flexibility to progress at your own pace if you want to. Some chapters will consist of a single video and some chapters will be made up of multiple videos. Each video runs between 2 to 10 minutes.

You will gain a basic understanding into the anatomy( structures) of the foot and lower leg and use this knowledge to target the problem areas with easy to do stretches, exercises and therapies to incorporate into your daily living to help you deal to your heel pain. Gordon clearly explains in simple language what to do and demonstrates all the techniques and methods talked about.

The sections include anatomy, ice and heat therapy, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, exercises, footwear considerations, compression therapy and taping options as well as demonstrations and discussions of shoe inserts/ orthotics.